Street Team

The Ink Smith street team is here to bring readers and authors together. Whether you live in the same town as an author, or you have a paperback version of one of our books, you can participate! Even if you don’t live in the same town, or own a book you can do certain events with the street team.

How to submit your activity.

Go to the discussion form. Scroll down to the Street Team Forum. Click the category that your activity is coming from (twitter, instagram, youtube.. etc) Post which activity you participated in, a small description, and the link that takes us to the activity. Once you have submitted your activity to the forum, an administrator will verify the information you have provided us and will reward you with points within 48 hours of your submission.

Current Street Team Activities:

  • Post our Books, Blogs and Websites on Pinterest. Can do once per user per website/book. Reward Points: .02
  • Create a twitter discussion regarding an Ink Smith or Native Ink book. Must involve 4 or more people.: Reward Points.05
  • Take a picture with an Ink Smith or Native Ink author at an event and post it on either Twitter or Instagram.: Reward Points .10
  • Do a photo tour of you and an Ink Smith Publishing book throughout your town. Must have a minimum of 5 individual pictures uploaded to either twitter or instagram. Reward Points: .10
  • A short 2-3 minute about an Ink Smith Publishing or Native Ink Press book that you have read, why you liked it and why others should read it. Video should be uploaded to Youtube. Reward Points: .50
  • Have your local school use an Ink Smith or Native Ink book as apart of their curriculum. The teacher and students must purchase 5+ books. Reward Points: 5 Points
  • Have your local newspaper feature an Ink Smith Book and/or author. You can contact us for more information and how to contact the author. You must post a picture of the article after publication in the street team forum to get points. There is no limit to different newspapers and books to get multiple reward points. Reward points: .50.
  • Have a book club purchase and use an Ink Smith or Native Ink book. The book club must purchase 3+ paperbacks or ebooks of the selected book. Reward Points: 3

Rare Opportunities

  • Take a photo with you and a celebrity and an Ink Smith or Native Ink book. Can post on twitter or Instagram. Reward points: 2
  • Take a photo of an Ink Smith Publishing or Native Ink Press book stocked in stores.  Reward Points: 1